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Bridge and Culvert Maintenance - Tree Clearing

By City Staff

As part of the City’s bridge and culvert maintenance initiatives, tree and brush removals at select bridge and culvert locations across the City are scheduled to take place in the coming months.

The affected bridge and culvert locations are as follows:

  1. Old Lakeshore Road over Cow Creek Bridge;
  2. Michigan Line over Pulse Creek Drain Culvert (at Brigden Road);
  3. Marshall Road over Upper Perch Creek Culvert;
  4. Howard Watson Nature Trail Bridge over Cow Creek (at Lakeshore Road);
  5. Scott Road over Talfourd Creek Bridge;
  6. Jackson Road over Telfer Diversion Channel Bridge;
  7. Blackwell Sideroad over Wawanosh Drain Bridge;
  8. Michigan Line over Wawanosh Drain Bridge;
  9. Michigan Line over Telfer Diversion Channel Bridge; and
  10. Michigan Line over Cow Creek Bridge.

Please be aware of slowed traffic and respect all signage for the safety of workers and other drivers.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience and thanks you for your cooperation.

This article was posted Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:48 AM

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