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City Council Highlights - May 28, 2018

By City Staff

The following are highlights of the May 28 Special and Regular Sarnia City Council Meetings:

Held a Special Meeting and heard a presentation from Jacobs regarding a recommended lead management strategy.

  • Received the recommended Lead Reduction Plan for information with consideration for approval at the June 11 Regular Council Meeting;
  • $300,000 is allocated in the 2018 Capital budget for preparation of the Lead Reduction Plan.


Sarnia City Council met in closed session on May 28, 2018 to discuss the following items:

  • The sale of land in the Sarnia Business Research Park. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff to enter into negotiations with the potential purchaser;
  • To receive information regarding potential litigation arising from a contract. No votes were taken;
  • The renaming of a city facility. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff to prepare a report on the matter.


Approved Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments to permit an apartment dwelling at 229 Wellington Street (Vision Nursing Home).

  • The new apartment building is to be located south of Wellington Street and west of Crawford Street and include four stories with a total of 36 dwelling units (21 one-bedroom and 15 bachelor units).


Heard a delegation from a member of the public regarding accessibility, state of roads, and snow removal from sidewalks.


Approved the 2017 draft City of Sarnia audited financial statements.

Accepted the proposal by Marcotte Disposal (Transco Option) in the amount of $7,911,764 (including non-rebateable HST), for curbside waste collection services including waste, yard waste, brush and Christmas tree collection with associated fuel costs.

  • Proposal is effective as of July 2019 and includes the following collection increases: 8% for curbside bulk and waste, 78% for yard waste and debagging, 7% for brush, and 5% for Christmas trees.


Approved the amended method of pricing recyclable goods with Waste Management which provides a settlement of waste management pricing based on market price data.


Adopted a by-law to levy taxes for 2018.

  • The amount to be levied for general municipal purposes is $71,473,962 and the amount to be levied from the special transit area is $3,869,616;
  • The 2018 County budget provides for a general levy of $74,810,512 to be apportioned amongst the lower tier municipalities. The City of Sarnia’s share of this total County levy is 49.487% or $37,021,715;
  • The impact of the final 2018 tax rates on a residential property assessed at $100,000 within the special transit area is $0.


Approved the Video Camera Policy.

  • Video cameras assist in reducing risks and provide a cost effective solution to assist with post-incident investigations for workplace violence and illegal activities;
  • Cameras are currently installed in various City facilities and properties: Fire, parks and recreational facilities, Public Works, and soon to include Transit facilities and vehicles and City Hall;
  • Footage will be kept for a period of 14 days, unless it has been used in an investigation;
  • Costs associated with the purchase and operations of cameras are within approved Capital and Operating Budgets.


Approved the Sale and Disposition of Land Policy. The new policy codifies current practice.


Approved the Municipal Grant Policy which provides modest financial assistance to not-for-profit, community-based organizations for projects that pro-actively contribute to the strategic priorities of Council as identified in the City’s Strategic Plan.

  • The 2018 approved operating budget includes $167,066 for Municipal Grants. This includes $80,066 of grants to agencies not associated with the City to which this policy applies;
  • Existing non-capital grant applicants (Physician Recruitment Taskforce of Sarnia-Lambton and Sarnia Historical Society, and Lambton Farm Safety Association) will be grandfathered for consideration.


Approved the Complete Streets Guideline, which is a design guideline to improve City streetscapes.

  • Complete Streets is a shift in mindset from the historical car centric streets to modern multi-purpose streets that appropriately support all modes of transportation. They are streets that are designed for all ages and abilities; balancing vehicle traffic, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit.


Amended the Traffic and Parking By-law to allow overnight parking on residential streets between 2:00 and 5:30 a.m., with the exception of non-recreational vehicles, from April 1 to October 31.


Provided approval to the Seaway Kiwanis Club, the Sarnia Heritage Committee and the Department of Parks and Recreation to work together to restore and replicate the Canatara Park Log Cabin, up to and including the removal and replacement of the Cabin.

  • The cost of repairing the building was too high to justify keeping the structure in its present physical form. The most cost effective option is to remove the building, salvage as much of its original material as possible, and replicate it, in keeping with the heritage character and value of the site;
  • The Seaway Kiwanis Club and the Heritage Committee will proceed with fundraising efforts to finance the project. The estimated cost is approximately $100,000.00, with $37,500 already raised to date.


Endorsed applications for the Federal Enabling Accessibly Fund: (1) City of Sarnia shade/shelter and seating improvements to Centennial Park Agora; and (2) Gallery in the Grove extension and lift to the Bright’s Grove Public Library (Faethorne House).


Directed staff to seek participant status at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal hearings concerning the County of Lambton Official Plan and the Town of Plympton-Wyoming Official Plan amendments 41, 42 and 43.

  • The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) replaced the Ontario Municipal Board on April 3, 2018, which is the quasi-judicial body that adjudicates land use planning appeals in Ontario.
  • As the potential expansion of the settlement area could impact the supply of future residential land in the County as a whole, City Planning Staff seek Council’s concurrence to participate in any future hearings of the LPAT.


Designated an extension of the Howard Watson Trail to Lambton College as a proposed multi-use trail on the Transportation Master Plan Urban Bike Network.

  • The multi-use trail runs along the municipal drain and connects the Howard Watson Nature Trail to Lambton College, providing a major active transportation corridor for college students, and another connection for residents to the Howard Watson Nature Trail.
  • Initial project estimate is $250,000. 80% funded by the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Fund. Sufficient funding is available between the Bluewater Trails Committee and the Transportation Master Plan capital budget to cover the City’s 20%.


Declared the Bayside Mall lands surplus.


Directed City Staff to review the upgrades to the facilities as proposed by the Sarnia Lawn Bowling club as well as any potential grants available and report back to Sarnia City Council.


Directed staff to produce a report regarding hazardous driving and noise on Sandy Lane and Alfred Street.


Directed staff to produce a report on Joe DeRush Park.


Directed staff to request an explanation from LAWSS as to why lead levels have increased.


Granted the following Noise By-Law Exemptions:

  • To Valley Axe for outdoor events on July 21, 2018 and August 18, 2018 until 11:30 p.m.;
  • To Refined Fool Brewing Company and Nelson Mella for the Beats on the Street events on Friday, July 20, 2018 and Saturday, July 21, 2018 until midnight in the Julia St. Municipal Parking Lot;
  • To the Canadian Cancer Society for the Relay for Life event on Friday, June 15, 2018 until midnight at Clearwater Arena Park.


The next Regular Council Meeting will be held June 11, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Monday, May 28, 2018 6:55 PM

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