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City Council Highlights - November 5, 2018

By City Staff

Sarnia City Council met in closed session to discuss the following items:

  • A proposed realignment to the organizational structure involving identifiable individuals. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff to make changes to the organizational reporting structure.
  • A second matter involved a naming request for public lands. This item was received for information purposes, and no direction was given to staff.

Held a public meeting and approved an amendment to the Official Plan at 1081 Brenchley Street (formerly High Park United Church) to change the designation to “Apartment Residential,” and permit:

  • Conversion of the existing two-storey church building, along with an upper floor addition to accommodate 20-23 one-bedroom dwelling units; and
  • An addition to the north-east section of the building to create an additional nine, one-bedroom dwelling units.
  • The project is intended to provide affordable rental housing (below 80% of the average market rent for the community) for all types of households, including units for seniors and persons with disabilities.


Held a public meeting, heard delegations from members of the public, and refused an application to amend the Official Plan at 834 Lakeshore Road, to permit residential lot creation in a “Natural Areas ‘Type B’” feature (significant woodland).

  • The proposed amendment would permit the 1.3 hectare (3.3 acre) property to be developed for a six-lot residential plan of subdivision with lots that would encroach into a significant woodland.
  • The Official Plan contains policies that do not permit lot creation in significant natural areas.
  • The application failed to demonstrate the standard of “no negative impact” on the woodland feature, adjacent lands, and ecological functions.


Did not direct the Engineering Department to undertake a review and design to reconfigure on-street parking from parallel to angled in the downtown core.


Approved a reduction in hoarding fees for the 275 Front Street North development.

  • Tricar Developments has requested a reduction in these fees to meet similar charges from other municipalities due to the size and duration of the development.
  • The sidewalk closure of 260 m² for 72 weeks will assist in the development of a 15 storey apartment building.


Did not direct staff to implement “Option A” as an approach to meeting the new Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards as it pertains to snow and ice accumulation on sidewalks.

  • The new standard requires the City to reduce the snow to a depth less than or equal to 8 centimeters within 48 hours.
  • Current City assets include 330 km of sidewalk, of which Public Works maintains five designated routes, totaling 152 km of sidewalk for winter conditions.
  • Staff propose three options for meeting the new Provincial minimum maintenance standard for winter sidewalk maintenance.
  • “Option A (reduce current level of service)” involves the closure of select sidewalks for the winter season, reducing 152 km down to approximately 120 km, concentrating on arterial roads, the hospital and schools to meet the new standard.
  • Alternatively, increasing municipal resources or contracting snow removal services to maintain 330 km of sidewalk to the new standard is projected to cost an additional $277,840 - $1,577,102 annually, after one time purchase costs.


Approved the assignment of the 1995 lease and contribution agreement from YMCAS Across Southwestern Ontario to YMCA of Western Ontario.



Declared 1380 London Road units 26A and 146 a municipal capital facility and exempt the units from taxation for municipal and school purposes. The units are a training facility for Sarnia Police Services.


Did not authorize an encroachment agreement with the owners of 725 Beach Lane to allow landscaping and an irrigation system to encroach on City property in Baxter Park.


Approved funding a maximum of $17,000 (including non-rebateable HST) from the Airport Reserve to create a larger passenger holding area at Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport, to accommodate Air Canada’s larger (37 passenger) planes.


Authorized the stopping up and closing of a laneway between Ann Street and Campbell Street east of Samuel Street; declared the laneway as surplus; and authorized the sale of that portion of the laneway adjacent to 142 Samuel Street to the owner of the property for $1.00.


The next Regular Council Meeting will be held November 19, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Monday, November 5, 2018 7:45 PM

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