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City Council Highlights - Dec. 17, 2018

By City Staff

Reported out of the closed meeting. Sarnia City Council met in closed session:

  • The City of Sarnia and the Chief Administrative Officer, Margaret Misek-Evans have mutually agreed to part ways. Ms. Evans’ last day of work with the City will be on December 31, 2018 and her last day in the office will be December 20, 2018. We would like to thank Ms. Evans for her years of service and wish her well in the future.
  • To discuss citizen appointments to various Boards & Committee. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff. The appointments will be reported publicly at the next regular meeting of Council on January 21, 2019.
  • To discuss a proposed disposition of land related to the 402 Business Park. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff.
  • To discuss a grant application that was supplied in confidence to the municipality by the Government of Canada. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff.


Held a public meeting and approved amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law to permit a craft brewery at 1330 Exmouth Street.

  • The application proposes to convert the former XS Cargo unit to a craft brewery including a retail store, taproom seating area, and offices.


Held a public meeting and approved amendments the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law to Sunripe, 1115 Lakeshore Road.

  • The application proposes a westerly one-storey expansion of the Sunripe Market building and redevelopment of the existing three-unit commercial building on Lakeshore Road, with a new one-storey three-unit building to be attached to the proposed expanded Sunripe building. Additional parking would be provided.


Held a special meeting to receive public input with respect to the 2019 draft budget and grant requests, and referred all grant request to 2019 budget deliberations. Listened to presentations from the following:

  • Heather Martin - Vision '74
  • Carly Cox and Dr. John O'Mahony - Physician Recruitment Taskforce
  • April Nelmes - March of Dimes
  • Susan MacFarlane
  • Shirley de Silva, Charles Fisher, and Ryan Bell - Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce
  • Patrick Coutu
  • John Timar
  • Jim Richards - Stones and Bones
  • PM Entertainment Foundation - Bluewater Borderfest


Heard the following delegations:

  • Michael Gorgey, Lambton Public Health, regarding the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017.
  • Bill Chafe, Royal Canadian Legion, thanking for the use of Sarnia Arena on Remembrance Day.
  • Jake Dolbear, supporting retail cannabis stores in Sarnia.
  • Paul Sawczuk, regarding retail cannabis stores in Sarnia.
  • Trillium Villa Nursing Home and tabled an amendment to the Traffic and Parking By-Law to institute “No Parking Anytime” on the south side of Michigan Ave. from 210 m east of Murphy Rd. to Cambridge Cres.


Appointed Councillors to the following committees for 2019/2020:

  • Audit Committee: All of Council
  • Bi-National Public Advisory Council Remedial Action Plan For The St. Clair River: Councillor Burrell
  • Bluewater Trails Committee: Councillor Vandenberg
  • City Manager’s (CAO) Review Committee: Councillor Dennis, Councillor Colquhoun, Councillor Stark, Mayor Bradley (ex-officio)
  • Board of Directors County of Lambton Community Development Corporation (CLCDC): Mayor Bradley
  • Canadian Remedial Action Plan Implementation Committee: Councillor Burrell
  • Committee to Hear Tax Appeals Under Section 442 of the Municipal Act: Mayor Bradley
  • Joint Committee - Aamjiwnaang Band Council/Sarnia City Council: All of Council
  • Lambton Area Water Supply System Board: Councillor Bird
  • Mitton Village Community Development Advisory Committee: Councillor White (appointed in 2018 for 2 year term)
  • Police Services Board for the City of Sarnia: Councillor Stark, Mayor Bradley (de facto)
  • Police Services Board Civilian Appointment Sub-Committee: Councillor Dennis, Councillor White, Councillor Burrell
  • Sarnia Environmental Advisory Committee: Councillor White
  • Sarnia Heritage Committee: Councillor Vandenberg
  • Sarnia Accessibility Advisory Committee (SAAC): Councillor White
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Working Group (UNDRIP): Councillor Colquhoun, Councillor White
  • St. Clair Region Conservation Authority: Councillor Burrell, Councillor Stark, Andy Bruziewicz


Opted in to the private retail model for Cannabis.

  • Retail cannabis stores will be allowed to operate beginning April 1, 2019 in municipalities that have not prohibited them. The AGCO will be responsible for licensing retail cannabis stores; municipalities cannot determine location with zoning or business licensing by-laws.
  • Online public input results indicated a majority of respondents are in support of permitting retail cannabis stores and believe that these stores would benefit the local economy.


Created a youth position for ages 14-18 on the following Committees: Environmental Advisory Committee, Sarnia Accessibility Advisory Committee, Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee, and Bluewater Trails for one-year appointments beginning June 1 each year.


Adopted the 2019/2020 Council Meeting Schedule and selected January 15, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. for 2019 Budget Deliberations Meeting.


Authorized a renewal of the existing insurance policies with AON for $1,408,099 including applicable taxes.

  • Executed a renewal of the existing insurance policies with Marsh for the Sarnia Harbour 2018.
  • Authorized the purchase of cyber liability insurance for $41,003 including applicable taxes.


Authorized the Chief Administrative Officer and/or Director of Engineering to declare “significant weather event(s)” pursuant to regulations under the Municipal Act, 2001.

  • Declaring a significant weather event extends the statutory time limits to conduct winter maintenance operations.


Directed staff to take the next steps towards implementing “Option A” as an approach to meeting the new Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards as it pertains to snow and ice accumulation on sidewalks.

  • The new standard requires the City to reduce the snow to a depth less than or equal to 8 centimeters within 48 hours.
  • Current City assets include 330 km of sidewalk, of which Public Works maintains five designated routes, totaling 152 km of sidewalk for winter conditions.
  • Staff described three options for meeting the new Provincial minimum maintenance standard for winter sidewalk maintenance, of which “Option A” is recommended.
  • “Option A” involves maintaining 120 km of sidewalk to the new standard immediately and adding an additional 30 km of sidewalk in January with the purchase of a new sidewalk unit. This essentially maintains the existing level of service.
  • Under “Option A,” Council authorizes a by-law to close remaining sidewalks from November 1 – April 30 to remain compliant with the new standard. Property owners throughout the City, whether within the plow routes serviced areas or outside these routes are encourages to clear the sidewalks abutting their property.
  • Alternatively, increasing municipal resources or contracting snow removal services to maintain 330 km of sidewalk to the new standard is projected to cost an additional $277,840 - $1,577,102 annually, after one time purchase costs.


Approved temporary by-laws to establish Water and Sewer rates effective January 1, 2019 based on the 2019 Draft Water and Sewer budgets.

  • Upon budget deliberations in January 2019, the by-laws will be prepared as required to reflect the 2019 Council-approved Water and Sewer rates.


Accepted the following purchases, funded from 2019 Fleet Capital Budget:

  • Proposal by Trackless Equipment in the amount of $108,741 (including non-rebateable HST), for the supply and delivery of an articulating tractor and salter.
  • Tender by G. C. Duke Equipment in the amount of $109,059 (including non-rebateable HST) for the supply and delivery of a 16 foot wide area mower.


Amended the Traffic and Parking By-Law to:

  • Institute “No Parking Anytime” on the east side of Christina Street South from St. Andrew’s Street to 100 m south of St. Andrews Street.
  • Institute “No Stopping Anytime” on the south side of Errol Road from Indian Road to 70 m East of Indian Road.
  • Install a yield sign at the intersection of Severin Drive North and Lee Court.


Submitted a full application for the funding under Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) for “Combined Sewer Separation - Flooding and Overflow Mitigation Project.”

  • Council passes the following resolution in the event the City’s application is successful: The City’s share for this project will be funded through various internal sources over the next 10 years, and a Green House Gas Mitigation Assessment will be conducted by the City on this project, in order to receive the grant funding.


Accepted the following financial commitments:

  • The tender by Poleair Technical in the amount of $218,606 (including non-rebateable HST), for the replacement of the two main air conditioning units for the main rink area at the Progressive Auto Sales Arena, funded from the 2019 Capital Budget – Arena Improvements.
  • The proposal by FST Canada in the amount of $627,039 (including non-rebateable HST), for supply, delivery and training of the proposed combination sewer rodder/hydro excavation truck, including a $10,000 contingency for adjustments through the pre-build process.


Tabled the proposal by Spectrum Communications in the amount of $609,628 (including non-rebateable HST) for the supply and Construction of Radio Communication Towers, and that 15% contingency is also committed based on the undetermined geotechnical analysis of the tower sites, for a total commitment of $701,072.

Donated a 1998 surplus fire apparatus (engine/pump) to Lambton College Fire School.


Accepted a donated Personal Water Craft (PWC) for water rescue and emergency operations from Kel-Gor Limited for use by Sarnia Fire Rescue Services.


Withdrew a motion to approve a temporary hiring freeze for all non-essential positions which are currently vacant or become vacant during the course of the freeze (Police and Fire Services are exempt).


Directed staff to produce a report regarding the value of creating a Parks and Recreation Committee to help guide the citizens and members of council in the Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan implementation process.


Resolved that all members of Sarnia City Council complete mandatory harassment training by no later than March 1, 2019.


Directed staff to work with Mr. Coutu to investigate a BIA-like (Business Improvement Area) vehicle to bring about a levee for marketing for the downtown core and report back to council in an expeditious manner.


Directed staff to provide the following by the end of February:

  1. Provide an open report to Council on the security audit and process audit results from the October 2018 municipal election.
  2. Create a public survey on the City’s website, as well as placing this survey in all three local newspapers.
  3. Strike an Election Committee, made up of councillors and citizens.


This article was posted Monday, December 17, 2018 8:26 PM

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