City of Sarnia

2018 Budgets

The Finance Department is responsible for the budget process, including the Current (Operating), Capital and Reserves Budgets, and Fees for Services.

The Budget Highlight document provides a high-level overview of the budget process, aspects of the budget, and the proposed changes for 2018. 

In preparation for the Budget process there are a number of presentations to Council which can be viewed below. 

The remainder of the downloads included are the detailed drafts made available to the public and provided to Council at the beginning of November for the next year (available November 9, 2017).  The public has the opportunity to provide input to Council regarding the budget during a Council meeting held in November (November 20, 2017).  Council takes public input into account to set a budget that achieves a balance between service levels, infrastructure needs, resource availability, and appropriate tax rates when the next year’s Budget is deliberated during a special Budget Council meeting held in early December each year (December 5, 2017).

The Approved Budget document is available after approved by Sarnia City Council.

Please refer to the Budget Process section for more details on the process, what property tax rates include, and the allocation of property taxes to various City services.


*If you require any of these documents in another format for accessibility please contact the City of Sarnia Accessibility Coordinator at 519-332-0330 ext. 3307 or



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