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Boards and Committees

Council Appointed Boards and Committees

Bi-National Advisory Council/Remedial Action Plan for the St. Clair River

Known as BPAC, an important function of the BPAC and RAP Committees is to ensure that progress continues towards implementation of necessary activities to ensure the environmental quality is maintained in the St. Clair River.
The Committee, made up of 58 representatives (29 from Canada and 29 from the United States) and two positions from the City of Sarnia, meets as required.

Bluewater Trails Committee

This Committee of Council is dedicated to the development of a first class trail system which will promote the health and safety of residents and visitors alike. The Committee is responsible for the creation and development of a multi-use trail system located throughout both the urban and rural areas of the City. The long term goal of this committee is to link the Bluewater Trail system with similar multi use trails in St. Clair Township and Plympton-Wyoming. The Committee meets monthly.

Committee of Adjustment

The Planning Act allows a Municipal Council, by by-law, to constitute and appoint a Committee of Adjustment to consider applications for variances of the provisions of the Zoning By-Law. There are presently 5 appointees. Meetings are held every three weeks on a Tuesday, at 5:00 p.m. in City Hall, if there are sufficient applications to be heard.

Committee to Hear Tax Appeals

The Mayor is the only appointee to this Committee which hears tax appeals with respect to cancellations, reduction or refund of taxes. A recommendation is then made to Council on all applications.

Court of Revision Under the Drainage Act

Established pursuant to provision of the Drainage Act, the Court of Revision hears appeals on assessments relative to the portion of the cost of a proposed drainage work.  This Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Environmental Advisory Committee

Established by City Council in 2001, the goal of the EAC is to provide advice and assistance to the Sarnia City Council on Environmental Issues.

Fence Viewers

Appointments are made under authority of The Line Fences Act. The committee meets only as required to arbitrate disputes between land owners regarding the construction and/or maintenance of fences on the property line between their respective properties.

 Lambton County Historical Society

The Committee has a total representation of 30 members throughout Lambton County and its focus is to stimulate interest, to collect, preserve, exhibit and publish historical documents and artifacts in ways that allow our historical past to be retained.  This committee meets monthly, with the exception of July, August and December.

Lambton Farm Safety Association

The Committee’s aim is to promote safe practices on farms.  Meetings are usually held on a Monday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Agricultural office in Petrolia, with a total of 6 to 8 meetings per year at the call of the Chair.

Planning  Advisory  Committee

The Planning Act allows a Municipal Council to appoint a Planning Advisory Committee to assist it on any planning matter. In 1991 Sarnia City Council reinstituted the Planning Advisory Committee to deal with special projects, such as the Official Plan. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.

Police Services Board

The Police Services Board of the municipality consists of, the head of the municipal council or, if the head chooses not to be a member of the board, another member of the council appointed by resolution of the council; one member of the council appointed by resolution of the council; one person appointed by resolution of the council, who is neither a member of the council nor an employee of the municipality; and two persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Poultry and Livestock Valuator

Council appoints one person who has certain statutory responsibilities under The Livestock Damage Program and The Protection of Livestock and Poultry from Dogs Act. The Valuator performs duties as required when livestock or poultry is killed or injured in the municipality.

Property Standards Committee

The Planning Act makes it mandatory for such a Committee to be established if the Municipality has a Property Standards By-Law.
By resolution of November 6, 1990, the Council established a Property Standards Committee comprised of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Planning Advisory Committee and the Chairman of the Committee of Adjustment.

Sarnia Heritage Committee

The Sarnia Heritage Committee is a municipally appointed advisory committee which advises City Council on the conservation of our built heritage. This committee, under jurisdiction of the Ontario Heritage Act 1974, assists in addressing all relevant heritage related issues which have an immediate impact on our community.

Sarnia Accessibility  Advisory Committee

The Sarnia Accessibility Advisory Committee (SAAC) is established by Sarnia City Council  according to its requirements under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The committee has been meeting since January, 2003.
The 13 appointed members of the SAAC make recommendations and provide advice to Sarnia City Council on matters pertaining to the City of Sarnia’s delivery of services to persons with disabilities, as defined under the ODA and AODA.
The committee generally meets on the third Wednesday of the month from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sarnia Transit Advisory Committee

The Sarnia Transit Advisory Committee is a committee of Council that works with Sarnia Transit administrative staff in an advisory capacity. The mission is “to be proactive in initiating strategies for public transportation services in the Sarnia Transit Services area aimed at providing accessible, reliable, professional and affordable services to its citizens in a cost effective manner.
The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every other month from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at City Hall in Committee Room #2. The members consist of two representatives from Sarnia City Council, one representative from the disabled community, three city residents (riders/non riders), one representative from Point Edward Village Council, two Transit Operators and 2 Transit administrative staff.

Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee

The mandate of this committee is to examine the wildlife of the Sarnia area and the effect of urban development upon it. The committee produces a course of action following the goal to recommend an Urban Ecosystem Policy and Program. This Program will ensure healthy urban wildlife ecosystems, provide sustainable societal, cultural and economic benefits and foster responsible actions towards wildlife populations and habitats throughout the Sarnia area.

Arena Advisory Committee

The City of Sarnia recognizes volunteers as an essential resource for the current and future development of our community.  If you have 2 to 4 hours to dedicate each month, Council is seeking to appoint 2 members of the community at large. Sarnia and area residents are invited to submit applications of interest to participate as a member on the newly formed Arena Advisory Committee. This is an Advisory Committee of Sarnia City Council and is formulated to assist with the implementation of the Arena Management Study (2015). The Arena Advisory Committee will provide public input to guide the overall implementation for a study that will be carried out over a 10 year period.

Completed applications must be received by Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 12:00 pm at the City Clerk's Office, Sarnia City Hall, 255 Christina St., N., 2nd Floor, or at clerks@sarnia.ca


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