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Procurement: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I market my company to the City of Sarnia?

We suggest that you review the City Website, Standard Terms and Conditions, and Bid Opportunities.  Purchasing staff are more than happy to meet with any vender, but keep in mind the availability of key staff is sometimes limited.

2. How do I respond to a request to quote?

A request for quotation, tender or proposal are standard processes utilized by the City to procure goods and/or services.  The process for submission and deadline is outlined in the bid documents.

3. Can I register my company to the City of Sarnia supplier database?

The City does not maintain a central supplier database.

4. Why does the City not deal exclusively with local vendors?

Selecting vendors based on geographic location is a violation of legislated agreements including the Ontario Discriminatory Business Practices Act and the Federal Agreement on Internal Trade.

5. How do City Staff purchase items for day-to-day operation?

Staff has a few options regarding operating supplies.  The Public Works team operates a Stores warehouse for routine supplies and some team members have access to Procurement Cards for smaller purchases.  In addition, through a bidding process, standing agreements are established with suppliers for goods and/or services that are utilized by many areas of operations.

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