City of Sarnia

Sarnia General Hospital Site Sale

Site location: 220 Mitton St. and 327 George St.

map of sgh site

220 Mitton Street land size:  18,635m2 (1.86ha) (4.60ac)

327 George Street land size: 9,715m2 (0.97ha) (2.40ac)

Official Plan Land Use Designations: Urban Residential and Mixed Use

Current Zoning: Interim Use 1-2 (IU1-2)

Permitted Uses: existing offices and medical centres/clinics, buildings and uses accessory to the permitted uses, an existing hospital, legally existing uses.


2015 Appraisals

Metrix Reality Group


As is Condition


220 Mitton Street



327 George Street

$285,000 - $300,000



Otto and Company


As is Condition


220 Mitton Street

Negative value

$1.1 million

327 George Street





2015 Demolition Estimate by OHE Consultants

2015 Demolition Estimate

Asbestos abatement




Soil remediation





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RFP Package

Anyone interested in submitting a bid may email for a Request for Proposal package.


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