City of Sarnia

Death Registration

The Office of the Registrar General will provide death certificates or certified copies of a death registration for:

Death registrations are a permanent, legal record of death of an individual. Information from death registrations is used for medical and health research and statistics.


How to register a death

To register a death:

The Funeral home usually takes care of the registration of Death, they will complete a statement of death plus obtain the medical of death. The two forms will be brought into the Customer Service department for registration and to obtain a burial permit. The City will send both forms to the office of the registrar general for completion on registration.


If the death happens outside of Ontario, but the burial or cremation is to take place in Ontario:


How to get a death certificate

To order a death certificate, you will need:


There are two ways to get a death certificate:


Registration of a death by the Office of the Registrar General can take up to 90 days.


How to get old death records

The Office of the Registrar General has records from the past 70 years for deaths in Ontario. For death records older than 70 years:


How to get a death certificate for another province

Contact the Registrar’s Office for the province where the death was registered.



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