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Snow Removal

During snowfall events, the City of Sarnia asks that homeowners avoid parking on the roadway to allow snowplows to remove all the snow from the road. When shovelling your driveway, please do not deposit snow onto the roadway. This causes slippery sections that could result in accidents and damage to vehicles.

The City of Sarnia is seeking the assistance of all citizens to wherever possible, clean snow and ice from the portion of public sidewalk adjacent to their property.

Commercial businesses are required to clear away and remove all ice and snow, to bare concrete, from the sidewalks in front and alongside any buildings or lands. This must be completed within the first four hours of daylight after a snowfall. Homeowners, businesses and contractors working on their behalf should not deposit snow that blocks pedestrian traffic on a sidewalk.

Sidewalk clearing takes a significant amount of time depending upon snow fall and manpower. Our main objectives are the main road sidewalks especially sidewalks next to curbs, schools and hospitals. All others are only done as time permits or where a definite need exists

Present policy is to provide snow/ice control functions prioritized as follows. This assumes a normal snow fall event. The approximate time limits are for plowing and salting as required.  The snow removal operation may commence during the snow event, and continue with the main streets  until either the snow event has stopped or for 18 hours after the snow event ends, at which time all main streets will be cleared. Snow operations will proceed to the bus routes for the next 6 hours, thereby  within 24 hours after the snow event ends removal on the bus routes should be completed.  Snow operations  will then commence to the local roads concentrating on school areas first.  Within the next 24 hours the snow removal from local roads will have been completed.  Following this, snow removal operations will commence on sidewalks which are on mainstreets first.

Residents who are unsure of who to contact regarding snow plow damage are asked to contact Public Works at 519-344-1932. Once verified by city staff they will be added to a list for repairs to be completed in the spring.

Q- The city damaged my sprinkler system. Who is going to fix it ?

The city is not responsible for the repair if the sprinkler system was installed on city property

Q- When will the city be here to fix my lawn?

Homeowners are welcome to contact Public Works to inquire when they may expect to see city crews

Q- Will the city re-sod my lawn?

Typically for lawns damaged by the sidewalk plow the city will place topsoil and seed only. If the damaged area is significantly larger, crews will prep the area ahead of time and return at a later date to place sod when it becomes available

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