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Zoning Compliance and Building Information Certificate

Zoning and Building Compliance Certificate

The City's response to a request for a zoning and building compliance certificate will include sufficient information to allow a solicitor to satisfy themselves with respect to permitted uses and minimum setbacks.

What is included in the Compliance Certificate?

The following is a list of some of the information provided:

  1. Orders and Notices - records of outstanding violations on the property issued by Building Department (Building, HVAC, Plumbing and Enforcement Inspection) and Bylaw Enforcement.

  2. Zoning & Official Plan - the current zoning(s) and Official Plan Land use designation applied to the property.

  3. Committee of Adjustment - all variance and consents linked to the property.

  4. Heritage Status - if the property is listed or designated as a Historical property or has historical structures or elements.

  5. Outstanding Building Permit Applications - a listing of recent issued building permits on the property.

  6. Outstanding Inspections for Issued Permits - a complete listing of all permits where the inspector has not 'signed off' the permit as complete. In the case of a new building, this may prohibit occupancy.

  7. Property Information - including Legal Description, Lot size and date house was built(where available).

Why do I need a Compliance Letter?

Mortgage lenders, seeking to protect their investment, or lawyers, seeking to protect client interests often ask for a compliance letter. Compliance letters are most commonly required as a part of real estate purchasing contracts.

For more information contact the Planning and Building Department, 519-332-0330, extension 3303.


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